Organic composition for use with plants

An organic composition for use with plants is presented. The organic composition is a mixture of filtration waste with or without sand and further includes optional constituents such soil(s) and/or compostable material(s) and/or non-compostable material(s). The filtration waste further includes carbon, diatomaceous earth, and sugar. In some embodiments, the filtration waste is a byproduct from the refinement of sugar. In other embodiments, the filtration waste may be prepared by combining sugar, diatomaceous earth, and carbon. In yet other embodiments, the organic composition is prepared by removing the filtration waste from filtering equipment after the refinement of sugar and mixing the filtration waste with soil(s), compostable material(s), and/or non-compostable material(s). The organic composition is suitable for use as a growth medium for plants, a soil amendment, a soil additive, or a soil supplement.