Elastic band launcher

A toy for launching elastic bands is presented. The invention includes a launch section, two band bridges, a handle section, a trigger assembly, a bridge section, and an anchor. The launch section includes a first launch surface at a first acute angle with respect to a second launch surface. The band bridges are separately disposed along the first launch surface. The trigger assembly is interposed between and fixed to one end of the launch and handle sections. The bridge section includes a pair of opposed ends separately fixed to another end of the handle and launch sections. The anchor is fixed to the second launch surface. The anchor, launch surfaces, band bridges, and trigger assembly are adapted to receive an elastic band. At least one band bridge constrains separation between the sides of the elastic band. The elastic band disposed between the band bridges defines a main pull vector. The main pull vector is disposed at second, third, and fourth acute angles with respect to the second launch surface, the anchor, and the first launch surface, respectively.