Wound box trainer

A training device applicable to training personnel in the treatment of a traumatic injury is presented. The invention includes a compressible body, a base, a wound structure, and an annular cavity. The compressible body simulates a body portion. The compressible body resides within the base. The base is disposed about a top surface of the compressible body. The base is harder than the compressible body so that the base protectively covers the compressible body. The wound structure is disposed along the compressible body. The wound structure includes a wound cavity which extends from the top surface into the compressible body. The annular cavity extends into the compressible body about the wound cavity. The annular cavity permits movement and/or expansion of a wall defined by and between the wound cavity and the annular cavity when probed by a finger or instrument and packed with gauze, bandages, and the like during treatment of the wound structure to stem blood flow from a bleed tube.