Reconfigurable label assembly for use with a pet

A reconfigurable label assembly for use with pets is presented. The assembly includes a container, a front panel, a back panel, a bottom panel, and an optional pair of attachment elements. The bottom panel is disposed between and substantially parallel to the front and back panels in a first configuration to form a label attached to and completely separable from the container. The label is disposed along an outer surface of the container in the first configuration and is configurable to form a receptacle in a second configuration. The front and back panels are separable and the bottom panel is expandable to form the receptacle after the label is removed from the container. The receptacle is capable of holding a consumable pet product. The receptacle is reconfigurable to the label after use as the receptacle so that the label may be directly reattached to the container. The optional attachment elements cooperate to releasably secure the front, back, and bottom panels to the container in the first configuration.